Who is Herman?

Herman is capable of analysing personalities, context, social media & stress levels of candidates to be able to enhance the decision making process for recruiters. Herman conducts the analysis instantaneously.

  • Herman never forgets
  • Herman understands you socially
  • Herman listens carefully
  • Herman observes your expressions
  • Herman never stops learning  

Key features

Increase Productivity

Herman avoids pain and saves timeĀ for all. (Hire in days, not months)

Machine Learning

Patented cognitive technologies powered by AI allow unprecedented support in your hiring process

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Get more certainty and increase quality in hiring. The right candidate for the right position


Your Information is safe with us. We use state of the art encryption technology

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For Hiring Managers

How Herman helps you accelerate the assessment process. Using a robust field tested methodology we invite candidates to take a digital interview with Herman. Upon finalization of the digital interview we immediately deliver a feedback report to candidates that generates goodwill positioning to the hiring company as a digitally wired, aspirational company to work for. Herman will position your company amongst the top tier innovators within the industry using AI powered digital platforms in the assessment & recruiting process.

Easy 4 step process

  • Download the app and register as a hiring manager
  • Select vacant position & accept recommended (field tested) competency skill set or modify if necessary
  • Create positive momentum with your candidates by recording a personalised welcome video & send test to final candidates
  • Get immediate response from actively searching matching candidates for the same position in addition to selected finalists

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For Candidates

Herman helps you to take an interview at your own convenience. In the comfort of your own walls and at your own convenience you can take a competency based job interview. No more spending more time on finding time slots that coincide. Save time, take more interviews, get better chances due to non biased interviews.

Easy 4 step process

  • Download the app with or without an invitation from the hiring or hr manager
  • In the comfort of your home and time get to know our mobile app and calibrate your voice and video
  • Take test during approximately 40 minutes in a controlled environment at your own convenience
  • Get immediate feedback

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Match making with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence at your service! Using a robust field tested methodology, managers are empowered with predictive analytics to make better and faster decisions in the process. Use digital and cognitive technologies to enhance the assessment process. The more your organization uses Herman, the better he gets. Herman will position your company amongst the top tier innovators within the industry using AI powered digital platforms in the recruiting process. State of the art and patented emotional Stress and Voice analyzer capabilities at your service in a SaaS model.


  • Native Mobile Digital Assessment
  • Voice & Face Emotive Recognition
  • Psychometric profile based on text input and choice of words (Big 5 traits)
  • Never forgets an interview and keeps learning about your organization's preferences


  • Benchmark vs other candidates in real time
  • Speed & Quality (AI at your service)
  • Can compare internal vs external candidates

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