What is Herman?

Herman gives you all the data you need to select who is the best person for the role, conduct internal talent audits or develop your employees with an accuracy similar or better than a trained human practitioner.

Herman is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) powered online assessment that predicts professional performance through a robust competency model, personality analysis and a patented AI/ML driven biometrics analysis.

Why Herman is different?

  • It is not just another psychometric or simulation / gaming online test, it is a virtual interview
  • Includes a patented AI / ML biometrics engine that highly improves accuracy: Automatically understands natural language, emotions and how you answer, not only what you answer
  • Competency and psychometric comprehensive report in one place. Use it to prepare your own reports faster, with better data and analytics to support strategic decisions for you or your clients (impress your internal or external clients)
  • Provides fully automated results. No need to analyze lengthy pre-recorded video interviews as other online tools require, thus improving your productivity
  • Internal talent audits and massive assessments can be done in less than one week and at a fraction of the cost. You can update your talent inventory in essentially real time

Key Benefits of Herman

  • ROI impact:
    • Less costly face to face interviews (meet just the right candidates)
    • Reduce process time for internal audits or candidate interviews
  • Fair and unbiased assessment process
  • Fast and accurate assessments (as accurate as a trained practitioner)
  • Evaluate all candidates, not only finalists. In hours, not weeks
  • Create a profile in less than 5 minutes and start evaluating candidates immediately
  • Simple and comprehensive report to detect top performers
  • Compare candidates / employees against each other
    • What is the talent I have?
    • How should I rebalance my teams?
  • Human friendly UX/UI: Designed to be used by all type of generations (not just millennials)
  • Review progress in real time and communicate deadlines to participants hassle free
  • Engaging digital experience for participants

Key features

Talent Audits

Get reliable group data to support your strategic plans of strength and development areas by level, job family, region, etc. in days.

Succession Planning

Use insightful, scientific and unbiased data to increase the accuracy of the succession decision.

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Candidate Selection

Evaluate candidates without human bias and find undiscovered talent by assessing people not resumes.

Employee Development

Comprehensive competency and psychometric report to focus the development plans on the competency gaps of the employee.

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For Hiring Managers

Using a robust field tested methodology we invite participants to take a digital interview with Herman. Upon finalization of the digital interview we immediately deliver a feedback report to participants that generates goodwill and a positive digital experience. Herman will position your company as a top tier innovator within the industry using AI powered digital platforms in the assessment & recruiting process.

Easy 4 step process

  • Request access via email and complete your registration as a Hiring Manager
  • Select vacant position & accept recommended (field tested) competency skill set or modify if necessary
  • Create positive momentum with your participants by recording a personalised welcome video & send test to participants
  • Get immediate results and track progress in real time

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For Participants (Test Takers)

Herman helps you to take an interview at your own convenience. In the comfort of your own walls take a competency based interview. No more spending more time on finding time slots that coincide.

Easy 4 step process

  • Download the app in your mobile device (iOS 11.0+/Android v6.0+)
  • In the comfort of your home and time, prepare for your video interview. Calibrate your voice and video in the tutorial
  • Take the digital assessment in aprox. 30 minutes in a controlled environment at your own convenience
  • Receive immediate feedback about your competencies

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Why Herman uses Artificial Intelligence + Machine Learning

Using a robust field tested methodology, managers are empowered with predictive analytics to make better and faster decisions in the process. Use digital and cognitive technologies to enhance the assessment process. The more your organization uses Herman, the better he gets. Herman will position your company amongst the top tier innovators within the industry using AI powered digital platforms in the assessment process. State of the art and patented biometrics analytics at your service in a SaaS model.


  • Native Mobile Digital Assessment
  • Text, Voice & Face Emotive Recognition
  • Psychometric profile based on text input and choice of words (Big 5 traits)
  • Never forgets an interview and keeps learning about your organization's preferences


  • Benchmark vs other candidates in real time
  • Speed & Quality (AI at your service)
  • Can compare internal vs external candidates

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If you need assistance with your evaluation please go to Help center

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